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Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Prevent Cancer With Weight Training

You Can Prevent Cancer!

Yes, you can learn how to prevent cancer. There are so many people in the world that believe that cancer is a death sentence and it is unavoidable. Many people just do not know what causes cancer nor do they know what it really is and therefore people do not know how to prevent it or at least greatly reduce your risk of getting cancer. After many years of research and billions and billions of dollars spent to learn the cause, cure and prevention of cancer we have learned so much that needs to be translated and disseminated to the general public. Not being a doctor I am not qualified to give medical advice. But through my ongoing extensive research of untold numbers of findings by many medical and scientific researchers I want to inform you that you can prevent cancer in your life.

Resistance Training Helps Prevent Cancer!

In a recent survey of 8,500 men for over 2 decades it has been shown that by resistance training alone the men who exercised regularly lowered their risk of getting cancer by 30 to 40 per cent. The men of the study were given regular medical exams and behavioral surveys over the life of this ongoing study and it the results show that those men who lifted weights regularly where 30% to 40% less likely to have cancer, regardless of any other health or fitness factors. Yes, even those men who were overweight and had unhealthy diets reduced their risk of cancer by lifting weights regularly. Brothers this is not an excuse to eat anything you want or to ignore other important healthy lifestyle rules. This fact only verifies the importance of resistance training to your overall health.

Now we can not necessarily translate these same benefits to women because the study was only conducted on men. But if I were a woman I would not ignore these findings and become serious about adding resistance training to my regular personal exercise and weight loss routine.

How to Reduce Risks of Cancer.

So we know there are certain things we must do to lower our personal risks of pcancer. By incorporate these simple changes into your daily lives you can virtually prevent cancer. To Prevent Cancer you must:

* Eat a healthy diet - High in Fiber and Low in Fat- Focus on eating Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Whole Grains, Nuts, Beans, and Herbs. Avoid the wrong fat, excess sugar and artificial sweeteners, and too much salt.
* Exercise Regularly- Including Aerobic and Resistance Training.
* Lose Weight and Keep it Off - Being overweight leads to so many medical conditions that this is imperative.
* Avoid high risk activities such as smoking cigarettes and all forms of tobacco and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Following these suggestions and leading a generally healthy active lifestyle will greatly reduce your risks of cancer. None of these activities will cause you to live like a hermit and you can find activities and people who make living healthy not just a way of life but also fun. For we should enjoy life and we can have life and life more abundantly by living healthy.

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